Saturday Hub: Conversations That Caught Our Attention This Past Week

We’re starting a new feature this week.

Starting today and every Saturday, we’ll share links to good conversations, articles or interviews that caught our attention during the past week.

Let us know what you think by using the comment section below this post.  If you come across a good conversation, interview and/or article we should pass along, send us a quick email at marc [at] marcvaillancourt [dot] com.

Our suggestions this week:

  • Fresh Air host Terri Gross had a wonderful and very informative conversation with Thannasis Cambanis on the topic of Hezbollah, Israel and Egypt.  You can catch the interview here.
  • Great story on The Story with Dick Gordon about a drummer who developed tinnitus in his ears.  Here the conversation here.
  • Our conversation with Rochelle Shirk was especially interesting – if you are an entrepreneur.  Listen here.
  • Chris Brogan shared an insanely informative graphic on cell phone use on his blog earlier this week.  Check it out here.

From The Conversation Hub Archives:

Be well and have a great weekend!!